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 Important 19 September 2017 Fixtures 21st Sept


Goddard vs Vanty
Jason vs Chief
Marc vs Dryden
Sooty vs Ken
Jan vs Squid
Lee vs Pierce


Jason vs Biggsy
Marc vs Vanty
Smiffy vs King
Barbs vs Chief
Sooty vs Jan
Frank vs Brett

 Important 11 September 2017 Outstanding Fixtures

31/8 Biggsy vs Smiffy (Playing 19th Oct)
7/9 Smiffy vs Ben
7/9 Marc vs Vanty
7/9 Sooty vs Jason

 Sticky 17 July 2017 Contact Numbers

Chief 07736 503940
Ben 07525832610
Jason 07595 548681
John 07773424070
Marc 07917794736
Paul G 07789116021
Vanty 07775517881
Ricky D 07455765465
Squid 07773606695
Sooty 07962929726
King 07881361296
Yerrall 07703338177
Kenny 07826554331
Ricky P 07905725768
Brett 07583962274
Lee H 07713816770
Frank 07951233074
Darren 07723778870
Andy B 07463747333
Jan 07807210305

 Message 22 January 2017 Next Season *****PLEASE READ*****


FORMAT - All matches will be best of 12 frames. However, the match ENDS if a player reaches 7.
3 points for every win and 1 point for a draw.
Every player will have to pay 3.00 subs per match.
Lateness incurs a penalty of 1 frame to the opponent every 10 minutes to a maximum of 4 frames.

*** NEW RULE ***
If you play your match on any night other than a Thursday, you will be charged for the table light as well as the usual 3 subs. The tables are reserved for this league every Thursday for 5+ hours, it is unfair on Lanterns to do this and then people play their matches on another night.

No games can be played in advance unless agreed by Marc Brazier.

Please start early matches at 7:30pm sharp

Players on the same points will be separated by head to head in the first instance. If that match was a draw, then the person with the best frame win loss percentage.

Prize ladder is based on everybody paying their subs and entry fee so don't try and dodge paying please.

60 to be paid in to Santander account. Sort code : 09-01-26 and Account number: 42400276 by 27th January. No extensions on entry fee

I don't want to issue any penalties for cancelled matches however, there will be a penalty of -1, then -3 for those who are continually abusing the goodwill of their opponents. No penalties will be imposed until after a formal warning has been given.

The 7:30pm matches will be drawn on the night by the players. Both players must be present when drawing a table.
The late fixtures the same, unless table in use and less fixtures. Then only available tables should be drawn to save time.

If anyone drops out of the league the suspension is 2 seasons long and all entry fee and subs must be paid up front upon return and for all future seasons.

Can all players download the "Whatsapp" app to their phone if you don't have it. I will then add you to the group. We have a discussion group and a results and updates group. It is an easier way to let everyone know of changes. And it's free and tells me if you have read it. I will post updates on the website promptly so if you decide not to join the group please check the website regularly and Tuesday after 7pm where no changes will occur unless people are called.

The fixture list is purely a guide and may change week to week to accommodate holidays and catchups. Games may be brought forward so always let me know before Tuesday if you are unavailable on the Thursday, even if you have a bye scheduled. You may also be required to play two on a night. This is compulsory if another date can't be agreed between players

Consistent slow players will be put on the late game to avoid delays. NO MOBILE PHONES TO BE USED DURING MATCHES.

Lateness incurs a penalty of 1 frame to the opponent every 10 minutes to a maximum of 4 frames

Please discuss with me if you are unhappy with anything and I will do my best to accommodate.

 Message 22 January 2017 New Season Payment Details

The cost of the league will remain the same as last season, still at 20 players.

Please either give your payment of 60 to Darren or Ingrid behind the bar or Santander bank account 42400276 09-01-26 by 27th July please.

There is also a 3 per week subs to be paid on the night of your match.

Prize structure will be:
450 - 300 - 240 - 190 - 150 - 125 - 100 - 75
50 playoff between those that finish 9th - 16th.

Players who finish 17th-20th will need to re-trial to maintain their place the following season.

League Tables In Brief
League / Handicap


  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Frank Sargent   8  7  1  0  22
 Andy Biggs   8  6  0  2  18
 Jamie Yerrall   8  6  0  2  18
 Paul Vant   7  6  0  1  18
 Marc Brazier   8  5  1  2  16
 Lee Hunter   8  5  0  3  15
 Ken Riddell   9  4  0  5  12
 Jason Herring   6  4  0  2  12
 Steve Souter   6  4  0  2  12
 Ben Herring   9  3  2  4  11
 Andy Redsull   7  3  2  2  11
 Paul Goddard   8  3  1  4  10
 Ricky Pierce   8  3  0  5  9
 Brett Dolbear   8  2  2  4  8
 Steve Quinell   8  2  2  4  8
 Steve King   8  2  1  5  7
 Ricky Dryden   8  1  3  4  6
 John Barbieri   7  1  3  3  6
 Darren Smith   8  0  3  5  3
 Jan Spinner   9  0  1  8  1
Detailed League Table

Next League Match
21 September 2017
Home   Away
Darren Smith vs Steve King
Frank Sargent vs Brett Dolbear
Jamie Yerrall vs Ben Herring
Jason Herring vs Andy Biggs
John Barbieri vs Andy Redsull
Ken Riddell vs Steve Souter
Jan Spinner vs Steve Quinell
Lee Hunter vs Ricky Pierce
Marc Brazier vs Ricky Dryden
Paul Vant vs Paul Goddard
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